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Honey & Oat Cake

Imagine tucking your teeth into a moist, buttery, honey flavoured cake, that is melt-in-your-mouth soft. Well, you can now not only imagine, but taste it also! This cake is the definition of comfort food in my book. It's a recipe I created after trial and error, when I was responsible for creating a honey cake that would be served to over 1.000 people at a charity event in Greece. It had to be easy and fast to make, utilising the honey and oats that were kindly donated to us by contributors of the event. I am happy to say it was an instant hit and everybody loved this final version, as much as I did. All you have to do to have a great outcome, is use the finest ingredients: fresh butter, good pure honey-Greek preferably-and the best oats. The only 'hassle' in making it is that you have to melt the butter with the honey over low heat but other than that, it's really simple to make. I hope you make it your 'go-to' honey cake family recipe, as it is a fav