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Banana Cookies

On my mission to translate and re-shoot photographs of this blogs most popular recipes, these fluffy banana cookies had to be amongst the first to remake. They have been on the blog since March 2013 and they are always in the Top 10 recipes my readers use. Honestly, I don't wonder why. They might not look as pretty as any other cookie here, but boy do they taste good! When you have ripe bananas at hand, make these cookies. They are crunchy on the outside, with a cake-like texture in every bite, filled with aromas from the spices used, and lots of banana flavour. They could be little bites of banana cupcake, but in a cookie. They could be banana cream pudding, but in a cookie. I am done describing, you have to taste them for yourself to know what I am talking about! The recipe originally calls for nuts but I hadn't used them in their original version. They do suit them really well and add a different element to their texture, but the downside is they add a little ti

Apple Sheet Cake

This post will be brief and sweet. This sheet cake is one of the easiest apple desserts you can make, after an apple crumble. It's made with olive oil and lots of apples and nuts, keeping it spectacularly crumbly and moist at the same time! I have had it here-on the blog-in Greek for ages, but since I have been making it really often this time of year-kids love it, I love it- I finally dedicated some time to reshooting photos of it, so that I can give you the English version. The cake itself is very versatile: you can add raisins or cranberries, swap the almonds with any other nut you like and 'play' with the sugar contained, removing some Demerara and adding some white crystallised sugar to make it lighter in texture. The only 'hassle' in making it, is roasting the almonds/nuts for a few minutes, and grinding them. A hassle well worth it and totally forgotten about when you are enjoying a warm piece of this fragrant cake with a spoonful of custard on it! Oth