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Chicken and Mushrooms A La Crème

Desperate times call for desperate measures they say... In my case, I thought long and hard about how I should blog now that I have moved to London. This is my first post in English and I hope I don't disappoint my Greek readers terribly, but I feel there are not enough hours in a day, so in order to keep my sanity, I chose the easy path. No 'two different blogs for each country' thoughts for me anymore! Just the same, , in English for the time being.   Between two new schools for my children, a new job, a new flat, actually: a whole new life, I somewhat got... lost in translation.  Everything is new, exciting and different!  I am now collaborating with a chain of restaurants here in London, and I will elaborate on that on an upcoming post on one of the restaurant's signature dishes, which makes me drool whenever the smell 'hits' me at work. In the past few months, I have had very little time to focus on my cookin