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Calves Liver Salad

This salad was inspired by a popular Georgian salad, served at weddings and family get togethers. I have posted it on this blog in Greek since 2016 and have been meaning to re-shoot the pics to post it in English for some time now, as I've re-made a few times it when I found good calves liver here in London. Of course, whenever I made it again, it was ready by the time the daylight had vanished, so I never got to take new pictures! However, it's always a crowd pleaser, especially with my children who don't eat liver so easily. This salad is too good not to share here, and liver-lovers will definitely appreciate a new liver-based dish that's light and refreshing. The original Georgian recipe is made with boiled liver, walnuts, garlic, onions, cilantro and pomegranate. This version was made with what I had in hand mostly, I added some extra greens-spinach, mint and some sweet baby green peppers from Crete I had at the time. I omitted the pomegranate as it wasn